Real Stories

Meet some of the people involved in the research projects we are supporting and hear what research means to some inspiring people who are tackling their cancer diagnosis head on.

Meet Gemma

Gemma is a Mum, Nurse and breast cancer survivor who was just 27 years old when she was diagnosed.

Real Research - Bladder Cancer
PARF funded research project Queensland Bladder Cancer Initiative (QBCI) are tackling bladder cancer head on.  
Meet Mark 
Mark was tragically diagnosed with prostate cancer in the same month his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer.
Real Research - Breast Cancer 
A research project improving heart health outcomes for women undergoing radiation therapy for breast cancer.
Meet Jenny

Jenny has been fundraising for breast cancer research since 2011, two years before she was diagnosed with breast cancer.                      

Real Research - Head and Neck Cancer
Our researchers are working hard to help patients diagnosed with head and neck cancer. 

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