Lucky Duck Lottery Art Union 18 is now open.

All proceeds from the Lucky Duck Lottery will help to support life-saving cancer research. 

Only 1000 tickets available in the Art Union 18 draw. Closes Wednesday 6 May 2020. 

View who our Lucky Ducks were in Art Union 17

The Lucky Duck Lottery is the PA Research Foundation's revamped lottery program, with multiple draws now held throughout the year.

By purchasing a Lucky Duck Lottery ticket, you not only stand the chance of winning a cash prize, you are also supporting life-saving cancer research. Help today’s research become tomorrow’s cure.


Support the Cause

By purchasing a Lucky Duck Lottery ticket, you are supporting innovative, life-saving cancer research at the PA Hospital Campus – home to the world’s first cancer vaccine.

1 in 2 Australian men and women will be diagnosed with cancer by the age of 85; this is a disease that does not discriminate. At the PA Research Foundation we are committed to funding cancer research which is focused on investigating prevention, improving diagnostics and finding new treatment options – all with one common purpose, to save lives. 

Help to fund research to lower these statistics


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