Win a cash prize!

You could win a great cash prize just by purchasing a $5 Lucky Duck Lottery ticket! 
Limited tickets means a higher chance of winning - our lottery draws are capped to low ticket numbers to ensure our supporters have the best odds of winning a prize. 

All proceeds from the Lucky Duck Lottery will help to support life-saving cancer research. 

Our Art Union 15 Lucky Duck Lottery draw is now CLOSED 
Congratulations to the winning Lucky Ducks!

1st Prize - $5,000 cash D. Henstock, Victoria Point - Ticket 6,339 
2nd Prize - $1,000 cash
C. Formigoni, Ellen Grove - Ticket 6,697
3rd Prize - $500 cash M. Stubbs, Waterford - Ticket 316

The Lucky Duck Lottery is the PA Research Foundation's revamped lottery program, with multiple draws now held throughout the year.

By purchasing a Lucky Duck Lottery ticket, you not only stand the chance of winning a cash prize, you are also supporting life-saving cancer research. Help today’s research become tomorrow’s cure.


Support the Cause

Whether you purchase a single ticket or 100 tickets, you are supporting innovative, life-saving cancer research at the PA Hospital Campus – home to the world’s first cancer vaccine.

1 in 2 Australian men and women will be diagnosed with cancer by the age of 85; this is a disease that does not discriminate. At the PA Research Foundation we are committed to funding cancer research which is focused on investigating prevention, improving diagnostics and finding new treatment options – all with one common purpose, to save lives. 

Help to fund research to lower these statistics


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